A Client Advocate

Hauler contracts and relationships can be complicated, especially all of the extra fees that haulers add on to their monthly invoices.  These fees alone can increase your invoices by ten to twelve times per year, increasing your costs by 8-30%.  “How am I supposed to know which fees are real?” you ask.  Well you’re not.  That’s why we are here.  Refuse Specialists is a client advocate.  Everything we do, we do to benefit you, our client.  In order to avoid these extra fees, we have developed our own proprietary software system that identifies and corrects all billing errors on your hauler invoices.  With us auditing your monthly invoices you will not have to worry about increased or any new fees.

This is just the top of the services we offer to our clients.  All in all, we act as their waste hauling department.  We are basically their contract manager.  We evaluate past and current services from which we develop recommendations of our findings, then we move into negotiations with the client’s hauler.  Once we have negotiated lower rates, we monitor the monthly invoices, as discussed earlier, and manage any services the client may need.  Our interests are in line with our client’s, and we provide these services to make their lives a little easier.

This is the exact reason why Units Magazine named using trash consultants number 7 in their Best Practices List.  Don’t let these “confusing and cumbersome contracts” cost you.  There is an easier way, the Refuse Specialists way.




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