How to Turn Your Waste into Savings



Trash is not the most alluring topic to discuss, however saving money is everybody’s favorite.  Who doesn’t want to add a little extra cash to their bottom line? You’d be lying if you said you didn’t  Every business owner is scraping to add to their NOI right now. It’s safe to say this economy has not been bottom line friendly lately, but we are.   

Let Refuse Specialists turn your trash into cash. 

We know that adding to your bottom line is the most important thing, and we want to help.  We have extensive national buying power in the waste management industry which allows us to receive discounted rates no one else can get.  We are basically a monthly coupon for your waste and recycling hauler invoices.  Once we decrease your rates, we don’t stop saving you money, we keep going.  We inspect every line of every invoice every month to ensure that you are only being charged the rates and fees that we have agreed upon with the hauler. 

Negotiating with haulers is difficult, and cannot be done on your own.  Our company possesses many attributes that allows us to obtain discounted rates and catch indiscrepancies in invoices that could not be achieved with an in-house waste negotiations department. 

So, let us turn your trash into cash and start adding to your bottom line.

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