San Francisco’s Reduced Rates Program: Will it work?

A waste hauler in San Francisco, is rolling out an innovative program to increase recycling in the city.  This program would focus on reducing waste collection and increasing recycling collection.  Three out of the four weeks of the month residents are able to put out both waste bins and recycling bins to be collected, but if they only put out recycling bins they receive 10% off of their monthly bill for that week.  This means they can get up to 30% off of their waste hauling each month.

Let’s think about this.  Is this really a viable plan?

First of all, according to the 2010 Census there are 345,811 households in San Francisco.  This program will only work for households that are not in a Home Owner’s Association or a Property Owner’s Association, unless they are seeking board approval, and will not work for apartment complexes. Thus giving you a fraction of the Census number.  The whole point is to increase recycling, but will it actually make an impact?

Second of all, there are ways around this program.  Let’s say I really wanted this discount, but still produced the same amount of waste for the landfill as before. I could simply save up my waste until the end of the month, and unload it all after three weeks of recycling and discounts.

Lastly, how will the hauling company keep track of this? Doesn’t it seem a little extensive to have to mark down what household put out which bins each week? Or is there a better way to track this?

Whether it works or not, it is a creative way to increase a city’s recycling.

For those HOA’S, POA’s and Apartment Complexes that aren’t able to partake in the plan to reduce costs, there is another way to save.  A waste brokerage firm such as, Refuse Specialists, can reduce their hauling rates and help properties obtain a net savings around 20%, whether they recycle or not.

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