A Company Tailored for the Client

Refuse Specialists takes on administrative responsibilities of our client’s waste programs. As a company, we have our client’s best interests in mind and only want to make their lives easier but lessening their work put forth in their waste expense management. 

One of Refuse Specialists’ services is to ensure the haulers are charging our clients the correct amount.  RS has a customized software that audits client’s hauling invoices monthly for accuracy, to eliminate errors and over-charges. With this software we check every line of every invoice, every month to guarantee that our clients are only being charged what we agreed to with the new hauler contract. 

Our customized software searches through each hauler invoice we receive for all of our properties.  It searches line by line, in order to make certain that the hauler has not added any fees that we have not agreed to in the contract.  Haulers tend to increase add fees to increase their charges simply to benefit them.  You rarely see a hauler invoice less than the agreed upon amount. 

During the process the software reviews and reconciles against contractual rates, to confirm the charges are accurate. If the hauler invoice is incorrect our software handles and reconciles the issue that it identified.  The correct invoice is then created and sent over to the client along with the RS invoice. 

For our client’s convenience we provide reports on billing errors corrected for each property, each month.  This allows the client to see the extra savings they are receiving by Refuse Specialists acting as their waste expense department. 

With our expertise in the industry, combined with our customized services we are able to simplify our client’s world, which is our ultimate goal.

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