How Haulers Increase Your Invoices

Waste haulers are notorious for adding fees and charges to customer invoices.  Unfortunately, they are allowed to do this due to the language in their contract that basically states that they reserve the right to increase and add any charges to client invoices whenever they please.  The contract specifically states “Company reserves the right to increase the Charges payable by Customer during the Term:”  The contract then goes on to list 5 to 6 different reasons and circumstances that allow additional charges, including “acts of God.”You may be wondering how they are getting away with this.  Well, ask yourself when the last time you actually read through a contract or agreement.  Probably not in a while.  People rarely read through contracts and agreements, and that’s how they get you.  Technically, they aren’t doing anything wrong, their contract clearly states that they can add charges to their customers’ invoices without notifying the customer.

Now, you may be wondering how this is fair.  Well it’s not.

A few months ago Units Magazine posted NAA’s IRO 9 Best Practices Conference Calls, with number 7 being to hire a consultant to do your trash contracts, and this is exactly why.

Let’s do a little comparison.  When you buy paper towels at the grocery store you pay more than, let’s say, Sam’s Club.  This is because they are buying a lot more paper towels than you are.  Alright, so now let’s compare that to waste consultants.  It’s the exact same analogy.  You are paying so much for your hauling services, but clients of waste consultants are paying substantially less due to the waste consultants’, if you will, bulk purchasing.  Waste consultants use their national buying power to help you and put an end to the haulers’ tricky ways.

So, ask yourself, are you going to keep letting haulers steal your company’s money?

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