How Often Do You Check Your Waste Hauling Invoices?

Last week our blog, How Haulers Increase Your Invoices,  exposed the issue of waste haulers inconspicuously adding a section to their customer contracts that allows them to add additional charges and fees without notifying the customer.   This gives haulers the ability to increase contracted rates and terms without their customers consent or knowledge.  These fees and charges can increase as much as 10 to 12 times per year, increasing your costs by 8-30% in just one year.

We received quite a bit of feedback from this article, which made us curious, how many companies are actually checking their waste hauling invoices each month to ensure they are being charged the correct amount?  We want to know how often you check your property’s waste hauling invoices, if you check them at all, or if you completely bypass the itemized charges and simply pay the bill every month.   Let us know by participating in the poll below.


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