Cracking The Increased Waste Fees Secret

Errors Caught and Corrected 12,976
$ Amt of Errors $3,019,098.80
Total # of Invoices Audited 41,585
Error Rate 31.20%
As we have been reporting lately, waste haulers are infamous for adding fees and charges to customer invoices every month.  We are dedicated to bringing this activity to a halt with our half a million dollar proprietary invoice auditing software.  We vow to never let a penny extra slide on your invoices.  We are here to ensure that you are paying the contractual amount that you signed for and nothing more.  Anything other than that amount is completely unacceptable.  We do not believe it is ethical to charge customers for fees that were not in their original contract and they were not notified about.To date we have caught nearly 13,000 invoice errors, amounting to just north of $3 million dollars in errors.  And that is only from the 41,585 invoices we have audited, creating approximately a 31.20% error rate.  Can you imagine how many more errors are out there?

If these numbers don’t solidify the fact that waste haulers are essentially stealing money from you, we don’t know what will.  Take a look at your invoices and check your numbers, compare about a year back, and see how much your property’s costs have increased.

For help on this topic, please contact us at: (805) 482-5895

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