The Government Shut Down and Trash Pick-Up

With the Government shut down as of October 1st, people are beginning to wonder what has been affected, and how their lives will be involved.  Will we get our mail?  Can I go to the National Parks? Will my garbage be picked up?

Some of the activities that may come to a halt due to the government shut down are very important daily activities.  And even more daily services may be shut down in the city of Washington D.C.  The White House

You might have a check in the mail that you have to have this week to make rent.  Or your garbage might already be piling up a waiting garbage day.  You don’t want to continually add to an already smelly garbage bin.  So will your trash pick up be suspended?  The only chance of that, is if you are a resident of Washington D.C.

Several articles state that Washington D.C. will lose garbage pick up throughout the government shut down, while others say it will not be affected.  So what is really going to happen with the city’s garbage pick-up?

For the next two weeks your garbage will continue to be picked up, even if the Mayor’s attempt to declare all city workers essential is declined.  The city has enough cash on hand authorized by Congress for some city processes to continue, including garbage pick-up.  However, if the government shut down is not as brief as they assume it will be, our Nation’s Capital might be a little smellier than its residents would prefer.

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