Keep Washington D.C. Clean

It might be time for Washington D.C. to start worrying.  It has been over two weeks since the Government Shut Down, and there is a possibility that it will last until November 22.   And unfortunately for D.C., its rainy day fund is starting to dry up.

The “essential” workers, declared by the city’s Mayor Vincent Gray, will soon be “unessential” due to the lack of funds to keep these activities in service.  This includes many necessary daily and weekly activities, including firefighters, and garbage pick up.

The city is prepared to stretch the fund out as long as possible, but is expecting “severely negative consequences” once the fund is dry.  Originally, it was predicted that the city would run out of funds come week two of the shut down.  However, we are pushing through week 3 and the “essential” activities are still in full swing.  But if these predications are true, the funds won’t last much longer.

Can you imagine a city without regular trash pick-up?  Or without any trash pick-up, for that matter?  And this isn’t any city; this is our nation’s Capital.  And D.C. is the only city losing these necessary daily activities. No other city is affected by the government shut down, so why is Washington D.C.?  Mayor Gray asked himself this question, and proceeded to ask Congress to approve a bill that specifically shields Washington D.C. from the effects of a government shut down.  Understandable, because it is the Nation’s Capital, yet unfair to make only its residents suffer during the shut down.

A city without garbage pick up is going to become a giant mess.  If the city’s garbage pick up is out for a month, that is at least 4 missed garbage pick-ups and way too much trash to just be sitting around the city.  For the sake of the residents, there needs to be a solution to proceeding with essential activities even after the funds have dried up, because no body wants to live in a garbage filled city.


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