Contracts: Auto-Renewal

Contracts can be long and tedious; nobody really has the time to read every single contract you sign.  But some times it is important.  Some of you may not be aware that waste removal services add auto-renewal terms to your contract.  If you have not “properly” canceled your contract in the time period given by your current service provider, then you are automatically entered into another contract for the same length as your previous term.

I say “properly” because every company has different requirements for cancellation.  These companies have many stipulations when cancelling your contract, in order to keep you in a contract with them. You may have to cancel within 30-days, 60-days or 90-days of your contract end date.  However, you may not cancel your contract before a certain period, such as 180-days before the end of your term.  Some haulers only gives you a 3-month period to cancel your services with the company.

Another stipulation to end your contract given by the waste companies is you must give them written notice that you will be ending your contract.  Some companies only require a letter of termination, while others require it be a certified letter.

The specifics of contract termination vary with each company and with each contract.  It is very important to read your contract’s Terms and Conditions to determine what your cancellation terms are.

If for some reason you do not have a copy of your contract you need to contact your waste service provider and request a copy for your records.  This way you will be aware of any requirements needed to end or cancel your service.


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