Top 10 Ways to Waste Less in the New Year

Every year people come up with a New Year’s resolution that revolves around losing weight, saving money, eating healthier, etc.  What about this year throwing in a resolution to waste less and recycle more?  With our continuously growing population we need to start looking out for our Earth. We’ve compiled a Top 10 list of ways to waste less this New Year.

10.  Stop drinking bottled water.  Or start reusing the bottles.

9.  Start a garden.  Use your soup cans as pots, and your salad scraps at planting material.

8. Learn how expiration dates really work.

7. Repurpose maps, pamphlets or newspaper into wrapping paper.  If you don’t like the design, try chalkboard paint for a creative touch.

6. Not many apartment complexes feature a recycling program. Start one.

5.  Match the size of your pot to the size of your burner.  If you choose the right size pot, you can save up to $36 annually for an electric range stove and $18 annually for gas.

4. Use old spices to freshen your carpet.

3. You can turn nearly anything into a decorative piece.  Create your own home décor with old bottles, turn broken china into a chandelier, or go big a turn a pallet into a coffee table or outdoor couch.

2. Revive old cereal in the oven.

1.  Unplug your smartphone or tablet before you go to sleep.  Leaving these plugged in after they’re fully charged can shorten battery lifespan.

Of course there are plenty of activities that we can change or partake in that will ultimately result in wasting less this year.  We want to know what you do that helps you waste less.

Also, we want to wish everybody a Happy New Year!

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