Are Your Waste Hauling Invoices Increasing?

We’ve told you before that waste haulers have a knack for increasing their customer’s charges and fees without customer knowledge or approval.  In one year your company’s waste expenses can increase nearly 30%!!  In the case of one of our clients, their fees increased over 40% in a seven-month period in 2013.

We think this increase is a little extreme and unethical on the waste hauler’s part.  We understand that there is a certain profit that companies, including waste haulers, have to meet, but shouldn’t this be done in an ethical way?  We don’t believe anybody should increase their monthly charges without their customer’s authorization.

Let’s put this into an everyday situation.  Let’s say you went out and purchased a brand new truck.  You signed your papers and your payment is $356.01 per month.  This figure is including all fees and interest for the entire term of the car loan.  So, 6 months down the road you go to pay your monthly payment and it has gone up to $375.51.  You don’t think anything of it, maybe you paid last month’s payment late, and the financing company added a fee.  But the next month you go to pay and the bill is $388.03, and so forth.

At what point would you start to wonder where these extra charges are coming from?  It would probably be pretty quick, right? So, why doesn’t an increase in your waste hauling charges catch your attention?  If you are supposed to pay a certain amount every month, why are you letting your charges continually increase?  Is it because you have extra pick-ups each month, so you think they are standard fees? Or is it because more than one person handles the company’s waste hauling invoices?

There are several reasons why these extra charges go unresolved.  More often than not, waste hauling invoices slide past companies, because there is not one single person paying, or checking the accuracy of the invoices.   But now that you are aware that your waste expenses can increase nearly 30% every year, you have no excuse!  Not checking your invoices each month is costing your company money.  Check your invoices.  If you don’t have time to check your invoices, let us.  It’s our specialty.


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