10 Great Recycled Valentine’s Gifts

Are you looking for a great Valentine’s Day gift, card or decorations that you don’t have spend a ton of money on? Why not make your own Valentine’s this year with materials you already have!  Below is a list of 10 recycled Valentines that you can make without leaving your home!

  1. Decorate a blank coffee mug! Draw on the coffee mug with sharpie, or paint for ceramics.  Then bake the coffee mug in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Tip: Place mug in the oven before you turn the oven on, to heat up the mug gradually.
  2. Create a stained glass Valentine’s Day card with pieces from magazines. Tear shades of red and pink from magazines, and glue them on a card to create  your own design!Image
  3. Use old puzzle pieces to create a heart wreath.  Paint puzzle pieces pink, red, or white, or simply use the back of the puzzle pieces.  Once dry, overlap the puzzle pieces in a heart shape, and hot glue the pieces together.  Tie a ribbon on top for the final touch!
  4. Decorate your own cards with stock paper, and old Scrabble letters.  You can spell out “Be Mine” or “I Love You”.  Be creative and place them like you would in the game of Scrabble!
  5. Have a ton of wine corks lying around? Paint the bottoms shades of red and pink.  Then glue them in a heart shape on a frame.  Add a red bow to hang the frame and voila, wine cork heart!Image
  6. In case you need some decorations for your front yard, take candy cane lights from Christmas, and put two facing each other to make the shape of a heart!
  7. ImageWrap toilet paper rolls in Valentine’s wrapping paper, lace, tissue paper, or anything you have lying around.  Put candy or small toys inside.  Close the ends with ribbon, and you have firecracker Valentine’s gifts!
  8. Use glass jars or glass drink containers as candy holders, or gifts! Remove the label, decorate the top, and fill with candy! Makes a perfect gift!
  9. Bookmarks are great for teachers and students! Create your own with pages from books, newspaper, or construction paper.  Once you have the bookmark, decorate them with whatever you have lying around, such as hearts cut out from paper, or color swatches, buttons, glitter, etc.  Be creative!
  10. Make heart shaped crayons! Use the broken crayon pieces, place them into a heart shaped oven safe mold.   Then place the mold in a casserole dish.  Bake at 300 degrees for 15 minutes, or until completely melted. Once they are completely liquid, carefully remove the dish from the oven and let sit for several hours until completely cooled.  Once they are cooled you have heart shaped crayons to give as gifts!Image

Be creative this Valentine’s Day! Use materials lying around your house to create the perfect present!

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