Hiring a Waste Consultant Will Not Cause You To Lose Control

When it comes to relinquishing control some people choose otherwise.  Control is a necessity when running a company.  We understand that concept at Refuse Specialists, which is why using our services will not cause you to lose control of your waste hauling services.

We offer a very unique service because you hire us as your agent to renegotiate your contracts and then monitor your invoices.  When utilizing our service you will still have a direct relationship with your waste haulers. In addition to your relationship with your haulers, you will also have the experts at Refuse Specialists watching your pricing and service levels. You still have complete control because you sign the new waste hauling contracts and can still call your haulers directly for any reason, but Refuse Specialists is a resource to address any issue with your hauler on your behalf.

All the Refuse Specialists agreement provides, is the authority for Refuse Specialists to lower the rates you’re paying your existing hauler today.  In addition, RS does not change services levels on the property without written authorization.

For 90% of the properties we represent the hauler remains the same, meaning the relationship you have already created is still present.  However, if we identify a much better rate with an alternate hauler in a specific market, we will make you aware of your options and potential savings.  You may then choose to implement those savings or keep your relationship with your current hauler.

In conclusion, we do not take control away from our client’s.  We are simply an authorized agent that negotiates waste hauling rates on the client’s behalf.  We maintain our client’s contracts and invoices to ensure that our clients are not being overcharged, but our client still has the ultimate say in their hauler and their contracts.  We are here to make your life easier, and save you a little money at the end of the day.



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