10 Fun DIY Easter Decorations

Easter is on its way. That means it’s time to decorate, again. Why waste money on decorations when you can recycle things around your house for decorations? We’ve compiled a list of Do-It-Yourself recycled Easter decorations for you to create and decorate your house with.  It’s crafts, recycling, and decorating all in one!Egg Carton Easter Animals

  1. Egg Carton Animals- Instead of tossing your empty egg cartons this month, save them.  You can create bunnies and chicks to decorate your house with. Use one egg for the bunny and fold two in half for the chick.  Decorate with paint and construction paper, and you have egg carton animals!
  2. Toilet Paper Roll Candy Holders- Everybody has toilet paper rolls lying around the house.  Decorate these rolls to look like bunnies with construction paper, and use as candy holders!
  3. Egg Candle Holders- Save your eggshells this month! Use the halves to hold tea candles.  You can even decorate the eggs for a more aesthetic appeal. Or you can use plain white hollow eggs as a vase for a small arrangement of flowers for the table. Easter Egg Candle Holders
  4. Plastic Bottle Easter Baskets- Save your bottles for Easter basket decorations.  Save different size bottles for varying sizes of baskets. Cut the bottle towards the bottom, this is going to be the basket, so cut closer for a shallower basket, or higher on the bottle for a deeper basket.  Once you have the shape for the basket use any clothe and ribbons to decorate. Hot glue a pipe cleaner for the handle, and fill with candy or grass! Water Bottle Easter Baskets
  5. Chicken Feeder Candy Dispensers- For anyone who has chicken feeders at their house, or who can find them easily at an antique or feed store, you can create a chicken feeder candy dispenser.  Attach a jar of equal size to the chicken feeder flip over and voila! Feel free to decorate the jar for a prettier look.
  6. Tin Can Center Pieces- Use any tin cans you may have as centerpieces for your table by decorating them with scratch paper. Fill with flowers and you have a colorful new centerpiece!
  7. Picture Frames- It’s time to use any of your ugly or broken picture frames.  Paint your picture frame brown to begin.  Then collect any sticks in your front yard.  Align and glue the sticks to the picture frame. Then glue fake grass around the frame. Use the grass to create a nest for a few eggs, insert a picture, and show off your new frame!Reused Easter Picture Frames
  8. Color Swatch Egg Garland- If you’ve painted a room recently, you probably have several swatches scattered around your house. Cut these swatches into egg shapes. Cut a hole in the egg to run a ribbon through.  Now just find a place to hang your garland.
  9. Umbrella Door Decoration/Wreaths – Seasonal wreaths are great!  You can use things all over your house to create a wreath or door ornament. If you have an old umbrella lying around grab that.  Fill it with stuffing to give it a little shape.  In the opening add any fake grass or nesting mterials.  Place a few eggs or a bunny in the grass.  Tie a ribbon around the umbrella, and hang it on your door for a great spring door ornament!
  10. Twine Wrapped Carrots- Bunnies love carrots, so let’s make some carrots for all your bunny decorations. Grab some newspaper, and orange twine. Mold the newspaper in to a cone shape. Glue a piece of the twine to the tip of the cone and begin wrapping the twine.  Throw in some green twine or ribbon at the top, and you have carrot decorations! Chicken Feeder Candy Dispenser



So instead of wasting money on new decorations this Easter, grab some things from around your house to decorate this Easter. You’ll make your home look festive and be recycling/ reusing at the same time!


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