The Worst Excuses We Have Heard For Not Hiring Waste Consultants

Excuses are always in the air. We, just like any other business, hear excuses on a daily basis. But there’s one thing we don’t really understand, why would you use an excuse to get out of savings on a service you have to have? We understand sometimes the timing isn’t right, but every business can stand to save a little money on their waste hauling services, and add to their bottom line. Whether it is now or in the future, savings is always a great thing, so put away the excuses and listen to what we have to say.

We’ve compiled a list of the worst excuses we’ve heard, and why they are the worst excuses.

  1. No ExcusesWe are happy with our current service. –We understand that, but wouldn’t you be happier with the same service, but with lower rates? Saving money makes everyone happy, and over 90% of the time service levels and haulers do not change when a company enlists our services. Therefore, it is very likely you will keep the same service, but for less than what you are paying now
  2. We don’t spend a lot on trash so it’s not worth it. – Any type of savings is worth it. Most companies invest less than one hour to join the program and reduce their ongoing hauling costs by 15% to 25%. On top of the initial reduction, we have found that over 36% of hauler invoices contain errors, which is why we provide free invoice auditing, to ensure every line of every invoice is correct 100% of the time. However, if we aren’t able to save your property more than 10%, that property is able to opt out of the program.
  3. I don’t believe you can get us lower rates than we already have. – RS represents some of the largest real estate portfolios in the country comprised of thousands of properties. We leverage the volume of all the companies we represent to secure rates for our clients they simply cannot get on their own. In addition, our experience, expertise and relationships acquired from over 26 years in the business provide a unique level of knowledge that further impacts our ability to generate savings
  4. We’re going to sell some properties in the near future so it doesn’t make sense to do anything right now. –The way our program is set up, you don’t have to enroll every property at once, you can pick and choose which properties you enroll and when. If it’s possible you are going to sell a property don’t enroll it just yet, and if for some reason you decide not sell said property, you can enroll it in our program at any time.
  5. It’s too good to be true. –We promise it’s not. We have over 250 clients who benefit from our services every day. We have numerous documents that can show you real property savings.
  6. I really like our hauler. What happens if we sign up with you? – How do I get tickets to the golf tournament? — Heard that one in Phoenix a couple weeks ago, best one yet.- In reality, you’re paying for those tickets, and any other events you might be invited to through your property’s waste invoices.
  7. We would never sign a 5-year deal with anyone for anything. – It is more beneficial to sign a 5-year contract. When RS negotiates new pricing we generally eliminate fees which are increasing such as fuel fees or landfill charges and thus it is wise to “lock-in” those rates for as long as possible to maximize your savings.

We recommend dropping the excuses, and giving us a chance, because when has saving money hurt anybody?


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