Did You Put Your Trash On A Diet for Earth Day 2014?

Earlier this month, we asked you to put your trash on a diet. Well, we did the same thing; we didn’t want to be hypocrites or anything. We went through all the steps we gave you, and our recycling bin has never been so full. Our trash lost on average 7 pounds a week for the last three weeks.

Some of the tasks we excelled at, while others were sub par, but all in all, we believe we were successful. We were very effective at reusing paper. Working in an office, there are always misprints, which makes great scrap paper. Or in some cases, daily planning paper. We were also able to switch all of our bills to paperless, which saves us a little extra room in our recycling bin. Although, we didn’t completely switch to tap water, we did ditch the water bottles to make room for our water cooler. Which is definitely an improvement, helps prevent plastic bottles from overflowing our recycling bin.

Although we were successful at a few tasks, we are still a work in progress with some of the other tasks. We’re making an effort at discontinuing the use of plastic bags. We have even ordered our very own recycled tote bags to use in place of plastic bags.Image

We ran into a wall with a few things that are harder to partake in in an office. For instance it’s a little harder to create a garden out of scraps, or create a compost bin at an office. We saved these tasks for our trash at home. We may not have tackled all of our suggestions, but this is only a start, and we are without a doubt making progress.

Now that you know how we performed with putting our trash on a diet, we want to know how much weight your trash lost. We didn’t do perfect, but making any effort to reduce our waste and recycle is a major success. It is becoming more and more important to reduce, reuse, and recycle, which is the entire point of this challenge. If you were able to reduce your waste by even just one pound you are making a difference. So, tell us, did you put your trash on a diet for Earth Day 2014?


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