Helping Out in Haiti: A Story of New Life Children’s Home

New Life Children's Home FacilityOne thing that seems to be close to heart with all of the Refuse Specialists Executive Team, as well as the other employees, is charitable endeavors. Recently, our Executive Team made a trip down to Haiti to help Miriam Frederick at the New Life Children’s Home.

Miriam established New Life Children’s Home in 1977, when she visited the Haiti villages and discovered the immense amount of suffering and dying children, from diseases and malnutrition. Humbled, Miriam realized that the dying children would have no hope if she didn’t take them to Port-Au-Prince to help them.

Since 1977, Miriam and the team at New Life Children’s Home have brought several hundred children to the orphanage over the years. Some have stayed, some were adopted, and others have returned home and receive family assistance.

Refuse Specialists Team at New Life Children's Home

The organization uses donations to help these children, as well as entire villages. The team has completed many building projects, as well as digging projects in various villages. They also assist schools with feeding programs and medical care, as funds are available in the remote mountain villages, where hunger and disease remain rampant.

The facilities have changed from the small house they rented in Port Au Prince in the very beginning, to the mission property they purchased in the early 1980’s. Since then, they have built an outside dining hall, and restroom and shower facilities for the children. Due to the continued violence in Haiti, they have constructed a 13-foot security wall around their facilities, in order to protect the children from gunfire.

The Children of New Life Children's HomeAlthough, Miriam and her team have made several improvements on the facility, there is still an immense amount of work to be completed at the facility. With the growing amounts of children at New Life Children’s Home, the facility is becoming overcrowded and is in need of expanding.

“We have a great vision as we move forward helping the poor, sick, abandoned and/or orphaned children of the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Many have given up on Haiti and have left, but we have and will continue to stay and press on because of the children. We have done the very best we could with what we have had, and now the need demands that we step out and do more.”- Miriam Frederick,

New Life Children’s Home runs purely off donations. As a team, we at Refuse Specialists, have vowed to help Miriam, whether that is simply helping her get the word out about her orphanage and her mission, money donations, or time donations.

We want to encourage people everywhere to help Miriam, New Life Children’s Home, and the orphans that find refuge there. New Life Children’s Home runs strictly off donations, and anything is helpful. Please visit for more information on the orphanage, and donations.


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