Recycling: Boxing with Restaurants

You don’t find many bars or restaurants that recycle, let alone work completely towards having zero waste, like a few Chicago restaurants, including Sandwich Me In, and Hannah’s Bretzel. Man Picking up Boxes Behind A Restaurant

Restaurants and bars have an immense amount of materials that go straight into the trash without even a thought of going into a recycling bin. Think of how things are shipped and transported to restaurants. Cardboard boxes. Completely recyclable material, yet they end up in the waste dumpster nearly every time . Hundreds of boxes end up in the trash each week at just one restaurant. Now look around as you drive down the road at all the restaurants, imagine how many boxes are in those dumpsters each week.

Recycling is one thing, but for an entire restaurant to have zero waste is incredible. Can you picture a restaurant without any trash cans anywhere? Not even in the kitchen. Everything they buy is reused or recycled. According to the owner at Sandwich Me In, it means very small, minimal orders. The less you order, the less food will be wasted. But, it also means using every piece of what you order, including the bones of the chicken.

Dumpsters Behind A Restaurant

Recycling, composting, and reusing can be very expensive for restaurants, hence why not more are participating in these green activities. We all know the price of these green efforts will be reflected in the cost of their food and drinks, and on our tabs. But that’s something you need to ask yourself, is it worth a few extra dollars on your tab to know that a restaurant is environmentally responsible?

Being a Zero Waste establishment takes a lot of thought and an enormous amount of effort. We commend all of the bars and restaurants that have Zero Waste. We even commend the bars and restaurants that recycle, because there are way too many restaurants that put everything in the trash, without a second thought.


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