Giving Back to the Community

Feed the Homeless

Venice Beach, CA

June 20, 2014

Sponsored by Refuse Specialists

I’ve been working for Refuse Specialists for about a year now, and I have always admired their willingness to give back. Working alongside our CEO, Shelly Binnette, & President, Marc Savas, I’ve learned that RS is not a typical business- it’s a community, it’s a family, and it is a purpose-driven company. I felt it was only appropriate to carry the torch & give back.

One specific tragedy that’s always been near & dear to my heart, is the poverty we see every day. Yes, there is a ton of it in third-world countries but, personally, I wanted to focus on the tragedy in our own backyard. That’s when I came up with the event: Feed the Homeless at Venice Beach, CA.

I posted a flier in our California office expressing my passion for humanity & willingness to do something POWERFUL & the feedback was great! Fellow employee volunteers signed up & Refuse Specialists sponsored the event. We put together sack lunches with a sandwich, chips & a drink then headed out Venice Beach.

Everything we distributed we carried on our backs & that was so meaningful to me. Every time we handed them a lunch, you could literally feel their sense of relief- it was a transfer of energy. It was as if, we had removed the burden off of their shoulders just for that day. And in turn, that made my day. Their happy faces will forever be engrained in my mind & heart.

I’d like to send a special thank you to all of the volunteers & staff that made this event possible! Refuse Specialists, you are the family away from home. Thank you for teaching & remembering the importance of purpose!

View Video of Feeding the Homeless at Venice Beach



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