10 Signs Your Company Needs to Hire A Waste Consultant

Waste haulers have a knack for complicating their customer invoices and contracts. If you don’t pay very close attention to your invoices, you will have an excess amount of overcharges, and rate increases. Waste hauling expenses can cost a company up to 30% more than expected each year if your invoices are not monitored.

Waste hauling expenses require an immense amount of know how for anyone managing waste hauling expenses for a company. If your company wants to get the best rates, and maintain those rates you must have a solid foundation of waste industry knowledge, as well as enough time to ensure the waste hauling company is honoring those rates.

We realize how much property managers, and operations managers have on their plate, most of the time they do not have enough hours in their day to get their work load complete, let alone pay attention to every hauler invoice and contract. We have completed a small study in order to determine the top 10 signs a company should look for to decide if they need to hire in a waste consultant. 

  1. Your invoices are not consistent.
  2. Your contracts constantly auto-renew.
  3. You find unknown charges and fees on your invoices.
  4. No one is monitoring your waste-hauling invoices.
  5. You don’t audit your invoices.
  6. Your rates increase more than 3% each year.
  7. Your contract term is only 12 months long.
  8. You aren’t sure if the container sizes on your property are they right sizes.
  9. Nobody in your company has knowledge or experience in the waste hauling industry.
  10. Your company lacks a waste-hauling department.

If your company displays any of these signs, it might be time to look into a waste consultant. The sooner you invest in a waste hauling consultant the sooner your waste department is in line, professionally maintained, and saving money.

If you feel that you need help with your company’s waste hauling expenses, please call (805) 482-5895 or visit www.RefuseSpecialists.com


8 Things Your Boss Wants You to Know About Waste Hauling Expenses

Waste hauling expenses can be a very difficult to manage. There are several facets of waste-hauling expenses that a company must focus on in order to have a successful in-house waste-hauling department. These tasks range from a monthly audit, keeping contracts in order, monitoring rates, and much more. Waste expenses require constant attention. Most companies require their own waste-hauling department, in order to keep their waste hauling expenses in order.

Recently, we have realized that many people handling their company’s waste-hauling departments are unaware of several very important facts about waste haulers, and the waste hauling industry. Due to this fact, we have decided to assist companies everywhere by providing a list that we believe all bosses would like their employees handling their waste hauling expenses to know. Below is our list of 8 things we believe your boss wants you to know about waste hauling expenses.

  1. Some fees are not necessary.
  2. The longer the contract, the longer your rates are locked in.
  3. Your invoices NEED to be audited.
  4. Added unknown charges are common finds on waste hauler invoices.
  5. All of the gifts your waste hauler rep gives you aren’t free. You are paying for them in your rates.
  6. If you don’t have a basic knowledge of the waste-hauling industry, you shouldn’t handle the waste hauling expenses.
  7. It might be best to outsource your waste-hauling department.
  8. Not all waste brokers are transparent.

If any of the items on the list are new information to you and your company, it might be time to look into out sourcing your waste department. If you do not have a handle on your company’s waste hauling expenses, your costs could be increasing up to 30% each year. Hiring a waste consultant will require less work for your company, as well as save you time and money.

If you feel that you need help with your company’s waste hauling expenses, please call (805) 482-5895 or visit www.RefuseSpecialists.com


Did You Put Your Trash On A Diet for Earth Day 2014?

Earlier this month, we asked you to put your trash on a diet. Well, we did the same thing; we didn’t want to be hypocrites or anything. We went through all the steps we gave you, and our recycling bin has never been so full. Our trash lost on average 7 pounds a week for the last three weeks.

Some of the tasks we excelled at, while others were sub par, but all in all, we believe we were successful. We were very effective at reusing paper. Working in an office, there are always misprints, which makes great scrap paper. Or in some cases, daily planning paper. We were also able to switch all of our bills to paperless, which saves us a little extra room in our recycling bin. Although, we didn’t completely switch to tap water, we did ditch the water bottles to make room for our water cooler. Which is definitely an improvement, helps prevent plastic bottles from overflowing our recycling bin.

Although we were successful at a few tasks, we are still a work in progress with some of the other tasks. We’re making an effort at discontinuing the use of plastic bags. We have even ordered our very own recycled tote bags to use in place of plastic bags.Image

We ran into a wall with a few things that are harder to partake in in an office. For instance it’s a little harder to create a garden out of scraps, or create a compost bin at an office. We saved these tasks for our trash at home. We may not have tackled all of our suggestions, but this is only a start, and we are without a doubt making progress.

Now that you know how we performed with putting our trash on a diet, we want to know how much weight your trash lost. We didn’t do perfect, but making any effort to reduce our waste and recycle is a major success. It is becoming more and more important to reduce, reuse, and recycle, which is the entire point of this challenge. If you were able to reduce your waste by even just one pound you are making a difference. So, tell us, did you put your trash on a diet for Earth Day 2014?

7 Best Articles About Waste Hauling Invoices

Once again we are warning about waste haulers adding phantom charges and fees to invoices with out customer knowledge or notification. We continue to bring up this matter because we believe companies should only be charged for what the contract lays out, without any tricks or gimmicks. We are on a mission to help every company diminish these phantom charges, and only pay what is fair. However, this time we have found the best articles and blogs that warn against waste haulers adding charges and fees to customer invoices. Some of the articles date back to 1988, proving that waste haulers have been at the added fees game for years!

The seven articles we have discovered lay out the different kinds of overcharges and fees that are applied to waste hauler invoices all over the waste hauling industry.  Unknown fees can range from no description on the invoice fees, to new fees without warning or explanation, to simply unwarranted overbilling. Invoices also experience rate increases without any notification for the customer. If we haven’t convinced you yet, we hope these articles will.  Below is a list of the best articles about waste hauling invoices (in our eyes, at least).

  1. http://www.chicoer.com/letters/ci_24536905/letter-keep-an-eye-your-trash-bill
  2. http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2014/Mar/28/customer-trash-talks-poway-invoices/
  3. http://www.nbclosangeles.com/investigations/Trash-Fees-DWP-Overcharge-LA-Investigation-119023614.html
  4. http://tbo.com/news/politics/haulers-overbilling-mess-costs-city-nearly-k-b82497427z1
  5. http://www.communitynewscorp.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=94&ArticleID=10030
  6. http://articles.sun-sentinel.com/1988-05-03/news/8801270634_1_garbage-collection-incinerator-garbage-hauler
  7. http://www.vanshaver.com/loudon_county_seeks_fuel_rebate.htm

Have you ever experienced phantom fees on your waste hauling invoices or have another great article about phantom fees? Leave us a comment and let us know, we would love to hear your feedback on the matter.

Refuse vs. Refuse: A Name Changer

From the thousands of phone calls overheard in our office, one can gather that numerous people do not understand our company name, Refuse Specialists. It is easy to tell from the explanations on our end, the conundrum people experience when presented with our company’s name.

If you look up “refuse” in the dictionary, or since we are in the technology age, Google it, you will get a variety of “to decline” or “to deny”. If you move Refuse VS. Refuseyour eyes just a little further down the page you will see this definition; Refuse: something that is discarded as worthless or useless; rubbish; trash; garbage. It’s even pronounced slightly different than “to refuse something”. (Check out the differing pronunciations here. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/refuse)

In the context of our company name, refuse is exactly this: garbage or trash.   The name illustrates that we are “Trash Specialists”, which in fact we are. Which is the whole idea of our company name! We want to convey that we are in fact specialists of trash. It is what we do. We ultimately become your outsourced waste department, and it’s best to have specialists on your team, right?

Let’s keep going with these definitions, a specialist is a person who devotes himself or herself to one subject or to one particular branch of a subject or pursuit. As Refuse Specialists we strive to have a deep and broad understanding of the waste industry. With one of the top producing National Account Representatives for a prominent hauler as our CEO, and over 25 years of waste industry experience under our belt, we have a dense knowledge, and solid grasp on the waste industry. Due to our vast knowledge and experience, we have acquired portfolios that total almost a million units and have been in the industry for decades. One of our largest clients, Equity, owns around 140,000 units, thought they had the best rates possible and we still beat their rates by over 30%.  Which is why we call ourselves Refuse Specialists.

Now that you know the true meaning of the name Refuse Specialists, we hope you won’t refuse our expertise!  Sorry for the play on words, but we had too!



Go Green with your Garbage for Earth Day

Earth Day is just around the corner, but why not start early this year! We challenge you to start today and make your garbage lighter by the Earth Day, that’s April 22nd, you have nearly 2 weeks from today (April 9th). We promise it won’t be that hard. It just takes a little focus and dedication.

World_Go Green

  1. Audit your trash. Go through your week like you normally would. Throw out your normal items, but when you go to throw the bag out, weigh it. Then you have to get dirty. Go through the bag and determine what could be recycled, composted, or reused.
  2. Repurpose your waste. Think again before you throw something out. There are tons of ways to repurpose nearly anything. For instance, tin cans, you can turn those tin cans into vases, centerpieces, outdoor lanterns. Nearly anything can be repurposed, all you need is a little time and creativity.Recycle
  3. Change your bills to paperless. Bills end up in the trash once they’re paid, sometimes even before they are paid. Save some paper and switch to paperless.
  4. Use your scraps to create a garden. It’s possible, save some of your garbage for gardening. We aren’t going to get into the details but here is an article that does. http://earth911.com/home-garden/grow-food-from-scraps/
  5. Stop using plastic bags for groceries, switch to reusable. Plastic bags from grocery stores accumulate everywhere. Instead of throwing them away or trying to find space for them, take a reusable bag to the grocery store next time.
  6. Reuse paper. Instead of trashing junk mail, or printed-paper, reuse it. Most of it will be single sided so you can use the back as drawing paper for your kids, or for you to take notes on.
  7. Switch from paper towels to cloth towels. We go through tons of paper towels while wiping things down and cleaning. Instead of using paper towels, invest in some cloth rags. Use the rags then throw them in your washing machine in cold water.
  8. Donate. Think before you throw out those old clothes, shoes, or decorations. There are several places you can donate those items, including Goodwill, and donation boxes.
  9. Use tap or filtered water. Ditch the bottled water.
  10. Compost. Everyone has food waste so instead of throwing your left over or spoiled food out, compost it. We found directions on how to create your own compost bin for just $15! Now start composting! http://theartofsimple.net/how-to-make-a-compost-bin/
  11. Recycle. This one is a given. But still necessary to make your garbage lighter and greener. Find an approved list of recyclables to ensure you are recycling everything you can.

Now if only we had a Pay-As-You-Throw method to make this project even more beneficial. But, whether you’re saving money from less waste or not, we want to know how much weight your trash bag loses with these 11 tips. So, put your trash bag on a crash diet and let us know how much it loses in the next 2 weeks!  But don’t stop there.  Make this a routine. Make Earth Day everyday.  



The Worst Excuses We Have Heard For Not Hiring Waste Consultants

Excuses are always in the air. We, just like any other business, hear excuses on a daily basis. But there’s one thing we don’t really understand, why would you use an excuse to get out of savings on a service you have to have? We understand sometimes the timing isn’t right, but every business can stand to save a little money on their waste hauling services, and add to their bottom line. Whether it is now or in the future, savings is always a great thing, so put away the excuses and listen to what we have to say.

We’ve compiled a list of the worst excuses we’ve heard, and why they are the worst excuses.

  1. No ExcusesWe are happy with our current service. –We understand that, but wouldn’t you be happier with the same service, but with lower rates? Saving money makes everyone happy, and over 90% of the time service levels and haulers do not change when a company enlists our services. Therefore, it is very likely you will keep the same service, but for less than what you are paying now
  2. We don’t spend a lot on trash so it’s not worth it. – Any type of savings is worth it. Most companies invest less than one hour to join the program and reduce their ongoing hauling costs by 15% to 25%. On top of the initial reduction, we have found that over 36% of hauler invoices contain errors, which is why we provide free invoice auditing, to ensure every line of every invoice is correct 100% of the time. However, if we aren’t able to save your property more than 10%, that property is able to opt out of the program.
  3. I don’t believe you can get us lower rates than we already have. – RS represents some of the largest real estate portfolios in the country comprised of thousands of properties. We leverage the volume of all the companies we represent to secure rates for our clients they simply cannot get on their own. In addition, our experience, expertise and relationships acquired from over 26 years in the business provide a unique level of knowledge that further impacts our ability to generate savings
  4. We’re going to sell some properties in the near future so it doesn’t make sense to do anything right now. –The way our program is set up, you don’t have to enroll every property at once, you can pick and choose which properties you enroll and when. If it’s possible you are going to sell a property don’t enroll it just yet, and if for some reason you decide not sell said property, you can enroll it in our program at any time.
  5. It’s too good to be true. –We promise it’s not. We have over 250 clients who benefit from our services every day. We have numerous documents that can show you real property savings.
  6. I really like our hauler. What happens if we sign up with you? – How do I get tickets to the golf tournament? — Heard that one in Phoenix a couple weeks ago, best one yet.- In reality, you’re paying for those tickets, and any other events you might be invited to through your property’s waste invoices.
  7. We would never sign a 5-year deal with anyone for anything. – It is more beneficial to sign a 5-year contract. When RS negotiates new pricing we generally eliminate fees which are increasing such as fuel fees or landfill charges and thus it is wise to “lock-in” those rates for as long as possible to maximize your savings.

We recommend dropping the excuses, and giving us a chance, because when has saving money hurt anybody?