How Do You Know You Are Hiring the Right Waste Broker

Hiring a waste broker or consultant can be difficult.  There are numerous broker companies out there, but each one has their own pricing model, their own savings model, and different knowledge and experience in the industry.  So how do you know you have found the best broker for your company?  Below is a list of tips for when you hire your waste broker.  Following these tips will ensure you get the best broker out there.

  1. What is their payment model? Do they charge for their services? Or do you split the savings they create for you? What is the savings share percentage? Know that some brokers will split the savings as high as 50/50 that they created for the client.
  2. What is the average net savings?  Ask to see data of their average net savings.  Some broker’s will boast over 50% net savings, while others will only give the client 10% net savings, not matter what the actual savings.  (Remember, savings can depend on the location of your property.)
  3. Ask to see current client invoices. Obviously, they will have to hide client information, but they can still show you invoices.  If they don’t want to show you, they might be hiding something.  There is no reason they cannot block or cover up pertinent information.
  4. Determine whether or not you can drop the program if there are no savings for your property.  Some broker companies will allow you to opt out of the program after signing the agreement, if they cannot save you a certain amount.  Find out if this is an option because you don’t want to be stuck splitting minuscule savings.
  5.  Before you opt out, look over their extra services.  Some brokers offer invoice auditing, exceptional customer service that        handles problems, etc.  Decide whether these extra offerings might be worth staying in the program before completely dropping out.

Brokers have a lot more than just savings to offer properties.  Do your research.  Find the best savings percentage, as well as the extras.  Brokers should offer up most all documents you request, if they aren’t hiding anything.  So, do all of your research before you commit.  Make sure you are getting the best service as well as the best savings, don’t get stuck with subpar broker company.

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